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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  January 18, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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people running into the street. that's what michael of vienna remembers about the moment the earthquake hit. >> a lot of them thought that the world was just ending. the apocalypse at that moment. so people were just freaking out. >> reporter: then reality sets in for the 21-year-old. in haiti on a student project. >> i'm in a middle of a natural disaster in a country that i don't speak a language in without my bag, my passport, or my medication. so kind of i'm a screwed moment. >> reporter: back in vienna, 25 hours of pure heck for his parents, mike and cindy, who couldn't reach him. >> i had to think the worst. i knew the buildings were collapsing, they were in buildings with kids. >> reporter: michael is back in home now on a way to see a chiropractor about his injured back from the ordeal. he says it took another man collapsing in his arms on the steps of the u.s. embassy to put the wheels for evacuation. >> another news reporter grabs
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the kid's one arms. and i had his other arm. i didn't look to see if i had a badge. and i luckily got in. >> reporter: once inside, he talked his way onto a coast guard plane. and that flew him and his traveling companions to the dominican republic. he arrived back home in virginia on saturday. >> i did not want anything more but to be back in the country. >> i was worried. >> reporter: his dad could barely speak about those hours. >> what do you think that it took to get michael pack here on american soil -- back here on american soil? >> resourcefulness, some good wishes and a lot of prayer. >> reporter: michael was in haiti on the group called students and free enterprises. they started a haiti relief fund and were putting a link on it on our website, derek? >> reporter: thank you, audrey. appreciate it. glad he made it home. well, a candlelight visual for the haiti victims are now
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underway in washington. a live look at haiti northwest, that visual is hosted by the greater washington greater relief committee. >> there is an old saying in the military that the last mile to your destination is always the hardest. that's even more through these days in haiti. bruce leshan is live if many southeast, where organizers tonight are trying to figure out how to get tons of supplies to the people who need them, bruce? >> reporter: yeah, they need them. clearly it is easier for them. and more efficient to actually just send money. send a check. but this is a big dc government warehouse. and inside there, it's completely stuffed with donations of bottled water, clothes, blankets, medical supplies. but the greater washington relief committee is now pleading for help in trying to get all this stuff to the island. >> reporter: hundreds of people, they heard the call and turned up to help. all this stuff donated by poem across the washington region.
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volunteers, they have shorted and boxed it. and prepared it for delivery. and the 4-year-old, campbell, has seen the devastation on tv. and has had the same reaction most of us have had. >> just watching the earthquake in haiti. and she was thinking about it, and wants to donate her toys and clothes. >> reporter: they packed medical supplies first, band-aids, first aid, ointments, bandages. things like that. even crutches over here, which clearly they need. but the issue is, how do you get all this stuff into a country that has been ruined by earthquakes? >> we are reaching out to federal express. and this is what they co. ups, fedex, we need your help. >> reporter: but even if they get that help, air traffic controllers will have to waive the importance of these supplies against other emergency relief for space in an airport that has just one runway and no apron as to which to park planes.
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overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the generosity of the people of the washington organization, they are hoping your donations will come in a different form. >> anyone interested in bringing donations can bring only, only checks made out to the organization, gwhrc, bring it to the embassy, 2311 massachusetts avenue in washington, d.c. >> and clearly we have links to all that on our website if you didn't get that. organizers promised that these supplies will indeed get to haiti. they think they are going to get the first flight out later this week. and they are also looking for translators who were certified in creole or french in order to facilitate the communication between medical teams and some of the people in haiti who desperately need the medical help. coming up at 6:00, a volunteer who is waiting on her own medical, own miracle word that a friend of hers is somehow survived, anita? >> what logistical challenges,
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bruce leshan, thank you so much. the prince county fire department is collecting life-saving items for the people of haiti. holding a stuff the truck event. baby formula, bottles, diapers, batteries, medicine, and first aid kits were among the items dropped off. worried about her 87-year-old aunt, a new york woman overcame incredible odds to get herself to haiti. she went through her life savings for the trip to the dominican republic can had shares the same island has haiti. she had to make that journey after the emergency call centers in this country refused to give her any information. >> they came out and said sorry, we can't send anyone out there. and that made me so frustrated that i had to say get here, find her, pause she's 87. >> reporter: their hope was just fading, she found her aunt. the old lady had not had anything to eat or drink for three days, but she was not
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hurt. the 87-year-old woman escaped her house just moments before the collapse. look at that right there. stay with 9news now throughout the night for continuing coverage of the haiti earthquake. later on, we'll hear from scott broom. he's on his way to haiti on board the u.s. navy hospital ship. we'll have a live report from port-au-prince coming up at 5:30. you can get the latest news on in other news tonight. a dc man on the south carolina sex offender registry is dead after being tasered by police in arlington. as peggy fox reports, it happened just after 8:00 last night at the pentagon metro station after an officer spotted a shoplifting suspect. >> reporter: right here on the platform at the pentagon city metro station, a struggle took place. an arlington police officer had spotted this man, 36-year-old, william randolph of dc, wanted in a larceny at a nearby pharmacy. >> when the officer approached
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the suspect, the suspect became combative. >> reporter: the officer called for help. >> while the suspect and the officer were alone, he was still fighting. the officer deployed his taser. it didn't appear to have an affect on the suspect. >> reporter: a second officer arrived and handcuffed the suspect. as standard procedures for tasered deployment, the officers called for medics. >> when medics arrived, they transported the suspect to the the hospital and he was pronounced dead. >> reporter: he was released from prison two years ago after being convicted of the sex offense and other crimes. they recovered items on him believed to have been stolen from the pharmacy. >> i understand that he has a little sketchy past, but for someone to be tased to the point he dies, that's crazy. >> reporter: normally when someone is tased, they are immobilized. but in this case, they said it had no atpebt on william -- affect on william. they say the taser may not have even made contact with his skin. >> reporter: the medical
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examiner will determine if the taser had in affect on his death. in arlington, peggy fox, 9news now and the arlington police department is investigating the death of william. the officer who used the taser is on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of that investigation. an investigation is also on the way to a hit list at a charles county high school. the sheriff's office says that the 15-year-old student at thomas stone high was targeting three students and a teacher. the boy was located. his parents were notified. further investigations revealed he was contemplating suicide where he is currently under the tr's care. stkpwhrafrpblgts near perfect weather day today to end this holiday weekend. the meteorologist, topper shutt on the terrace with your forecast first. we love that sunshine, top. >> yes, we're getting spoiled. temperatures in the mid-50s. the coldest time of the year. that's pretty nice. let's start with your forecast first. for tonight, partly cloudy.
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some clouds will come in late. and just chilly. lows only in the 30s tonight. most of us will stay above the freezing mark. and northern western suburbs are the only folks out there. still very mild out. even at this hour, 52 at national. 52 also in manassas. and 50 at quantico. 58 at fredericksburg. you look off to the north and west. temperatures in the 40s in come perland. we'll come back and talk about one more mild day. another cold front that approaches tomorrow. turning into winter. we'll tell you what that means when we come back. >> thank you, topper. it's a holiday, but that doesn't mean there's no traffic. >> right. >> especially if there is an accident. we had one going southbound out there. and actually, they have been moved off to the right shoulder as you can see, all the red cars, slowing back to 32. so drivers will run into the unexpected slow down on the parkway. 95 looking good so far. let's jump outside and check out i-66 in virginia. we would like to see this every monday. moving well. everyone going up to speed.
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and the restrictions are also lifted. here, as well as 395 and 95 because of the holiday today. and finally, if you would rely on metro to get around metro, some construction of the redline at that station, that station is closed until 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. and there is a shuttle service available for riders who rely on that station for the rest of the station that is on modified saturday schedule and parking is free at a that station. back to you. >> thank you. the balance of power will be decided tomorrow in massachusetts. we'll have the story. a day of service at the white house. to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. i'm joel brown. the story is coming up.
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the first family honoring the slain dr. martin luther king jr. by taking part in a
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service. we have the story from joel brown at the white house. >> reporter: president obama says that the best way to celebrate the life of dr. martin luther king jr. is to give back to the community. >> thank you. and mr. along with the first lady and their daughters to the short trip across washington. to the offices of a group that feeds the hungry. called so others mite eat. they greeted the crowds and then handed out lunch and coffee. a few hours later, they held a conversation at the white house where a group of senior citizens and their grandchildren, they discussed the civil right's movement. >> a part of the changing of peoples hearts and minds. and breaking out of old customs. >> reporter: the call to service others. echoing from the the white house to houses of worship aross the nation. the slain civil rights
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leader was honored in atlanta. this ceremony is held every year where they preached from 1960 until they were assassinated in 1968. the speeches focused on king's contributions and his examples. >> and our young folks, they have been taught. by the martin luther king jr. and whole movement sacrifice just for them to be successful. >> reporter: and that message was heard on the streets of austin texas and dozens of other cities where people, they gathered for marchs and rallies, aimed at keeping dr. king's legacy alive. and these people and the first family agree. they want martin luther king's birthday to be a day on, not a day off. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. and right back here in our area, people are honoring dr. king's legacy by commemorating his stand against violence. hundreds of people took part in their walk for peace for dc. and the signs and the banners, marching for the avenue southeast to the covenant baptist church on south capitol
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street southwest. the god father helped lead to that two-hour performance which is the site of the last service. the service is opened to all people of all faiths. >> it is also a day of services for them, all anxious to see the call. around the district, they help spruce that up every northwest. pointing the wall and organized a cleanup of the school's library and cafeteria. the american red cross along with hoped worldwide, volunteers, heated the call for services as well. they passed out the fire prevention and the safety tips around our area. the red cross says house fires are the most common disasters that they respond to and also the most preventable. the final push is underway ahead of tomorrow's special election to replace the late senator kennedy. who is once consideredded a virtual shoe-in for this seat is in a close battle with the
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republican. both candidates, they attended a breakfast this boston today, honoring dr. king. the civil right's leader would have stood with her including the health care reform which frown opposes. southern california, getting a real soaking from back-to- back winter storms. people living in communities below the wildfires and the mountains are on high alerts from the mud slides. handing out 30,000 sandbags and put up 10,000 feets of the concrete barriers in the danger zone. >> that is great. >> the time of the year to get rained on in southern california. >> it is. >> and that rain turns to snow in the mountains. only snow in the mountains in arizona, believe it or not. and a couple of things. the election for tomorrow, weatherwise in massachusetts, that will be quiet. for what it is worth, all right? our weather will be quiet tomorrow too. one more mild day before you have the changes. here is your forecast first. you need to drop in tomorrow. a sprinkle or a shower possible. very weak cold front that drops south of us. still in the low 50s.
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the morning clouds on wednesday. then partly cloudy and colder. and it will be seasonable. but highs in the low 40s. then a little bit of the mix possible on thursday. and i think that it will be primarily rain. but that is still possible, north and west. temperatures in the upper 30s. tonight, partly cloudy and chilly. high clouds come in late. only in the low 30s. winds are out of the northwest at 5 to 10. lows across the area, maybe at great falls around the freezing mark. and 35 at silver spring. 33 at bowie. and most of us staying above freezing which is kind of unusual for mid-january. and this is when we will be very cold. temperatures right now at gaithersburg. and a 47 out towards romney. and 51 in warrenton. temperatures tomorrow morning, 30s and 40s to start. skies become mostly cloudy. by the afternoon, mostly cloudy, mild. sprinkle or shower possible. the front does have a lot of moisture with the highs around the 50. and the satellite picture. here is the big storm out west.
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this big storm out west, affecting us on thursday. in the meantime, getting rid of this weekend's storm. and the atlanta sea born. we're looking at a quiet evening, although that some high clouds, they will roll in tonight. a little disturbance to drop down from the northwest until the form of the cold front. and again, it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. the big storm will be on thursday for us. and tonight, with the high clouds, again, temperatures only in the 30s. and tomorrow, really a nice day. temperatures, they are around 50. a slight chance of a sprinkle. but who cares. 50 at manassas. it looks like the chance of the sprinkle to make it a 50. 51 downtown. and 52 in annapolis. the next seven days. 51 tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle. early clouds on wednesday, then 42. cold on thursday with primarily rain. that could be a mix north and west. just upper 30s. the storm will exit on friday. entering rain or snow showers. going back to the mid-40s on saturday. and rain on sunday. over at the 40s. or back up to 50 on monday. except for that little mix on thursday, well, still a very benign 7-day forecast. >> sure is.
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we'll take it. thank you, topper. coming up, an attack caught on tape. >> explosions and gunfire as the taliban launches a series of strikes in the afghan capitol. we'll be right back.
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i'm peggy fox with the website working to improve the lives of local moms. this wednesday morning, come out to our meet up. showing us how to make the soups and sandwiches that you and your kids would love. explosions and gunfire rocked the afghan capitol this morning. at least five people killed. when they tarted key government buildings including the presidential palace when he was actually swearing in some new cab net nebraska -- new cabinet members. >> they are desperate people.
5:25 pm
they are ruthless. >> gunfire erupted after security forces killed at least seven of those taliban fights. >> and the five americans out there, northern virginia that made the hearing. they shouted it from the van as they were leaving the courthouse. john paul ii, a shock out of 29 years old now out of prison. he completed his prison and then taken to a military hospital for examination. the attack in st. peters square in may of 1981 left the pope badly injured. he acted alone and later found to have a severe antidisorder. we're going back live to port-au-prince for a report
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from ground zero as earth quake relief efforts continue. right at this moment. we have a crew on the comfort area. told that the operation in haiti is expanding tonight. the full report from the floating hospital is on the other side of this break. having a child with diabetes, i'm nervous about her going away, but i know that she wants to be able to do things on her own. (sunny) the bayer meter helps me become more independent. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. (sunny) the hi/lo settings gives you a good idea of where your blood sugar's at
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welcome back. and frustration on the increase as survivors wait for food, water, and medicine to arrive. the search crews, they continue to dig through the rubble looking for more survivors. five people pulled out alive yesterday. the former president, he arrived in haiti today to deliver much needed relief supplies and his role as the united nations special envoy. it is going to take years, not decades to get haiti back on track. and now, you have been there since last week. are you seeing progress? >> there is definitely progress that we could speak of. seeing the organizations delivering more aid.
5:30 pm
there are still many people that have not seen enough food and water who are getting desperate, getting impatient. where people, they were moving out there with the security forces that had to shock some of them. and also, they were carrying away some of the stuff that they eluded out there or the water there and the food and also, some other stuff like candles, for example. and other men arrived and they started fighting is and people were badly injured. so row know, you start to see the incidents like that. not the norm, but they are definitely beginning to occur. >> obviously we will talk about the infrastructure to getting supplies to the people you described? >> well even before the earthquake, they worked their problems here in haiti.
5:31 pm
and they were not wide enough. then with the earthquake, a lot of the roads, they were destroyed. the ones that are not destroyed, they are covered with rubble. and that is not being removed yet. for those international relief ajen seus trying to reach the people, that becomes the big problem. it is a tafb. at the same time, for one of the problems here, a lot of the buildings, they were not built out there the way that they were suppose to be. that's one of the problems here. that's the reason why the earthquakes, they toppled many buildings, especially here in the capitols. >> thank you for that. we appreciate it live. >> well, the comfort continues to sail towards haiti tonight. for the doctors, the nurses, other medical personnel that they are carrying, their mission is getting bigger by the moment. 9news now, scott broom, he has more. >> on the u.s. hospitalship, comfort at sea where this
5:32 pm
mission, they now have a new name. and it is growing larger. >> they told the crew last night that the mission has now been dubbed out there in haiti. and the main design to reflect their military massive efforts. we have nearly 750 people on board right now. literally a large floating hospital and that has been alerted. so be ready to take on another 350 doctors, nurses, and support people for being flown to haiti to meet the comfort. and that will bring the staff up to 1100. by far the largest activation in the peacetime. and on the ship, there will be eight operating rooms that are working expected to take that out there. by far the biggest peacetime deployment for them and the quickest they have ever been underway. >> as you can see behind me, the weather here has turned bad. they were blowing about 60 miles per hour today. sometimes on thursday morning, even by then, ten days after the earthquake, there will be thousands of patients.
5:33 pm
some of whom had received only first aid or no medical treatment at all. >> and the u.s. in their comforts, not just carrying the medical and other relief supplies. what else they have on board that is coming your way at 9:00. >> and despite the overwhelming odds. rescuers, they are not giving up hope. there is reason to still believe in miracles. [ applause ] >> reporter: her name is michelle. and against all odds, she managed to change her life while trapped in the rubble of the collapsed building. michelle endured five days of the searing heat, dusty air, and other darkness. but neighbors thought they heard a noise. >> and who thought there was someone out here? >> we met up with the french
5:34 pm
team. and they had advised us that we heard cries in the area. >> a rescue team, they work side-by-side with a team from france. they couldn't hear a thing. but the dogs, they knew better. >> and they alerted us out there. the baby's location. and then, you know, we see them out. >> reporter: they follow their noses and the rescue teams, they followed the dogs. and from there in a safe place, was michelle. her father knew it was a miracle. >> yes, they do. this child clung to life. >> being in the rubble for five days. because they are so long, still with a lot of fat. and they are still hydrated. they are already trying to hydrate her. and the doctors are still very hopeful. what would you say just from now that would be the prognosis? >> oh excellent.
5:35 pm
>> and she is looking good. >> all she wanted was just to see that there >> wow. even as they celebrate the victories like that. res causers, they are struggling with defeat. >> pulling that woman out of the hotel. and just hours earlier, they had to abandon the rescue of the 10-year-old girl. >> she was working with us. towards the end of the day, we don't know what happened. but we lost the tab. and so it is actually the same crew that last night, they worked until midnight on the little girl. so this is a new reward. neighbors sent down food and water until the rescue crews could get to the 18-year-old woman. president obama and the first lady paid a visit to the
5:36 pm
red cross headquarters in washington today. they personally thanked members of the relief efforts for their work and helping the earthquake victims. >> i was told just by twitter, we were seeing $21 million raised already. which shows just how generous the american people are in terms of me. >> they told workers that the disaster relief center, where rescuers pulled 10 more earthquake survivors from the rubble today. that's the largest one-day total yet. for more information on how to help out the people on haiti, log onto our website. and get another check on the evening rush hour. the holiday monday. how busy is it out there? >> pretty much a holiday light. not much traffic here. on university on the capitol beltway, looking good with no
5:37 pm
problems out there have. all lanes are wide open. and the hov lanes, they also restricted that here on this route and i-95 and 66. notice for the redline riders here as we take the look here. they are close tonight until 5 a.m. tomorrow. the shuttle service is providing all the other stations. actually running on the modified saturday schedule today. that's the latest for the traffic. we'll have more news and weather coming up after the break.
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for your chemical carpet cleaner to attach that name, try an alternative name. and if it just happens where the club soda works out. put that down and go out with that old drag. that will lift the stains to
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the surface before they could set. and corn meal could also help with the big spill. mix a quarter cup of water, spray that on that and rinse with white vinegar. you can get more tips on that's on living green. triumph and tragedy with the 67th annual golden globes in hollywood. the sci-fi lock buster took home for the best drama and the best director. the "hangover" won the best comedy films. robert downey jr. won best actor in a comedy. but the devastation in haiti was not far from the start of the minds. >> it was hard to even think about coming to the globes. for the last few days that is. many wore red and yellow ribbons to show their support. viewers were urged to donate the
5:41 pm
relief efforts. and many of the glamor fashions on the red carpet would be auctioned off with the proceeds going to haitian charities. we want to remind you the hope for the haiti telethon takes place this friday. they will host from los angeles and from new york city that is. and this airs on friday at 8 p.m. right here on channel 9. >> well now to the latest in the late night tv drama. an announcement that could come any day on the deal and any time i should say. on a deal between conan o'brien and nbc. as you remember, conan will not move his tonight show back to 12:05. and to follow jay leno by jay leno's half hour. so nbc is expecting to buy him out of the contract. and his last show could be this week. that buyout wassed told about $40 million. but a chunk of that money, however, would go to conan o'brien's staff. and as soon as this coming fall. in the meantime, britain's prince william got the official for them today. and as they make a historic
5:42 pm
trip under. they got that nose press from the native chief there and they shook hands with hundreds of supporters. traveling to new zealand as the official royal family. the trip foreseen is a big moment for the 37-year-old prince as he prepares to one day take over as the king. >> well, lots of pressure on those shoulders. they shoot pictures and videos. >> a shopper alert the the at a look of the pretty snappy features. hey, i'm dave owens in maryland. why am i holding this 42-pound stone? well, if you take it had and add a whole bunch of yelling, you've got my story today. i'll show you all about it coming up. we're out of the weather terrace. why not? temperatures in the 50s, taking you out with the almanac. available on our website. click on the weather tab. then follow the drop down menu to weather data. 56 and 40 goes into the books. averaging just 42 to 47.
5:43 pm
averaging high at 69 this day. record low, 6 below. we'll come back and talk about another day or two for them before the little hint of winter later on in the week. stay tuned. look at you.
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body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning.
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oh those digital camera manufacturers that just keep coming up with more and more features. they have at hot new camera with all things, a built-in projector. tonight's shop alert. they take a look at this ground breaking gadget. >> reporter: this may look like a weird home movie, but it's not. floodage from this cool pix. the first digital camera with a small built-in projector. >> reporter: the nixon is expensive. >> reporter: to test that, consumer reports project 40 inch diagonal images at a distance of 6.5 feet onto a wide screen. but the images could only be viewed if the room was extremely dark. >> we found the project ared immans to be pretty good. your photos will look better. be more detailed on the
5:47 pm
computer. >> the remote control buttons don't light up. so they are tough to see in the dark. also, a fully charged battery will only last an hour in projector's mode or less. >> if you have been taking photos then you want to use that projector, you're going to find it drained much quicker. >> reporter: if you don't need that projector, there are two separate projectors that do a very good job for $100 or less. >> in the past, they cost them $150. and usually, they did not perform well enough for us to rem. >> reporter: but that has changed with two kodak easy share cameras. both performed very well. and the at $90 and $100, they are best buys. lesli foster, 9news now and >> so if you want to get a compact digital camera which is slightly higher and the controls could with easier to operate, test is to recommend the power shot cannon. that is about $150. for more consumer news, you can use, go to our website on and click on living smart.
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9news now at six is less than 15 minutes away. let's take a look the at what we have new for you tonight. and it is an inside view of a rescue operation in haiti. see and hear from members of the fairfax urban search and rescue team in action. plus, one cruise line getting backlash after deciding to resume their vacation to haiti. this time, the so-called white house state crashers were on the guest list. but they still didn't get much of a reception. see what happened in vegas coming up at six. all right, one more wild day and then around the temperature correction for them as we call it. here is your forecast first now. the next three days, we'll show you tomorrow, around 50. clouds, and a slight chance of a spráeupb -l or -- sprinkle or a shower. but not much. a very weak cold front pushing
5:49 pm
through. back in the low 40s on wednesday. with the clouds to start. and then on thursday, there is our correction, upper 30s with some rain. probably a mix north west of the town overnight. and well, for tonight, partly cloudy and chilly. high clouds are coming in late. low temperatures in the 30s. most of us will actually stay above freezing tonight. 32 at great falls. but 37 out there. even 34 up at rockville as you go up 270. and up in bowie and upper marlboro. right now, 49 at brooksville. a 49 out there. 50 in out here. even out to the west, not that cold. now tomorrow morning, we're looking the at skies returning to mostly cloudy. the will you describe on the increasing side. they will pick it up. the light winds. by the amp, mostly cloudy and mild. could see a shower or sprinkle. but still highs are around 50. i think we could live with a shower or a sprinkle. the satellite picture radar combined just a few clouds out there with the parting storm
5:50 pm
systems. now we're just left with the partly cloudy conditions. the high clouds will sneak in here later on tonight, but remain dry. the tpáebs had seven days? 51 tomorrow. mostly cloudy. maybe a sprinkle in the afternoon. the clouds will start on wednesday cooler, the low 40s. then on thursday, there is the storm out west. gets here on thursday night. and pushes them back a little bit. the rain or a mix on thursday night into friday. but then on saturday, we're still back near 50 and sunday, more rain in the upper 40s. next monday, partly cloudy. so except for that little bump there on thursday night. that's a pretty nice seven-day forecast for january. >> we could keep that going around. no complaints here. >> no. and i have been seeing that there. they might have blown that out there. it bugs me. because they come out. and that has been bugging you? >> yes. >> and i kind of flew into that one. >> yes, you did. >> that could mean something interesting. >> okay. >> now, we spent some of. this the weekend watching football. but there are other big sports. >> well, they meet some sports
5:51 pm
that were not all too familiar with the winter games coming up. the winter olympics begin in just 25 days. while we all know about the staples like the figure skating and the hockey and the schemes. they also bring us plenty of events that you cannot sign up for at your high school. while curling is an event that applies your event. they explain. anita gets it. and the often seen area of curling there. >> curling did not originate in the u.s. and most have no idea what it is all about. i certainly didn't. >> until this weekend. >> that is a sport that everybody is involved in that shot. >> they occupy the opposite ends of the loans for them. and the shooter takes off. to direct the stones on the sweepers. well, you've got your own jobs. >> what you're doing, you're laying that down. we create a little thin layer of water. that's when you tkpw-t that further or a hard shot out there. >> which leads us to that rock.
5:52 pm
or the stone as it is called. >> it is made of polished area. and it is 42 pounds. so it pretty heavy. and imagine throwing this. clockwise or counterclockwise. based upon strategy. by the way, once you let it go, well, that's when the fun really begins. >> and sometimes the shooter, they will yell. and there is a lot of yelling out there. but that first throws people off. and it is all for a purpose to get your rocks closest to the center, which is high you win. at this week's national qualifier, one local team did just that. winning this match. >> and moving through, the perfect shot. like everything was just spot on, exactly what we wanted. >> whether you compete for them in the future olympics, who knows. at least i have a better idea of what we will be watching in a few weeks in vancouver. and dave statter, 9news now and >> maybe it is just me. but it looks like that to me. >> there are several wares. obviously, that'll be the
5:53 pm
olympic curling team. some of these guys, they to have their eyes set on the 24 olympic games. >> wish them luck. >> yeah, always good look ahead. coming up, sleep if many america and the home was taking next, what ebs perts say our families need to change right now. don't forget, we're always on stay with us. tonight's living well segment coming your way next.
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the common cold area for them and the university of maryland and alabama, with the entire area for them and the virus and take a look at them. and it could be a powerful for the high risk people. people with asthma or those that suffer for them. and also tonight, we're talking about the importance of sleep and living well. two new studies for adults and children that show the chronic lack of sleep that adds up. damaging the physical and the mental help in ways that you might not imagine. kids generally follow
5:57 pm
the rules. and a pediatrician with the medical center, responding for them and the strict bedtimes that help keep the bay. all of today's stimulis don't help. that's why she suggests the whole family observe a digital done time. >> so have a container where you put the ipods, you put the cell phones saying okay, this is the time when we're done with that. >> reporter: teenagers, they really need about nine hours of sleep at night. and a good bedtime is 9 to 10. and another study suggests turning in earlier on web nights is crucial for adults as well. roughly one in six americans regularly get six or less hours of shut eye a night. >> when people don't sleep enough and this even goes for less than 7 hours, they don't learn, they don't retain memory
5:58 pm
as well. >> reporter: and sleep expert, david gross, with with washington's hospital center agrees with new research that says it is nearly impossible to catch up on weekends. scientists found chronically sleep deprived people may feel refreshed at first after sleeping in, but their reaction time still suffer. the bottom line, too little sleep day after day has a tremendous impact on people's well being. >> they become irritable, depressed. and it leads to substance abuse, car accidents, they are more drowsy accidents than drunken accidents in the united states. 100,000 crashes a year. >> reporter: so what if you have lost control of bedtime in your household? the top advice, make bedrooms on the unplug zones, no aced pods, no cell phones, even computers after the certain time of night. they need to set the bedtimes for younger children and teens and to stick to them. plus, try to keep the same sleep and the wake schedule day in and day out. you and your kids will be surprised how much better you
5:59 pm
feel. thank you for joining us for 9news now at five. 9news now at six starts right now. >> from the first local station with the news from the high definition. and this is 9news now. getting it to the tens of thousands of people that are suffering. and apparently growing desperate. american troops are trying to restore order it in port-au-prince. but eluders are increasing the out of control, scattering the crumble buildings. the former president clinton and their daughter are in haiti tonight to get a firsthand look at the situation. he and the former president, george w. bush are working together to raise money for survivors. about 1.5 million people are about to be homeless right now. we have live team coverage on this story starting with dave statter. i understand you spoke with the local rescuers that you have an inside look at one of your operations of what went down in haiti? >> yes, absolutely. that is on th


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